A Thank You in 3 Parts

Part I – The Angels

This journey has certainly been an experience, for me personally an experience made possible only thanks to the people around me.

Thanks to my personal trail angels I was able to complete the trail at my own pace, allowing me to leave the trail whenever I wanted or needed. Take a day away from the trail whenever I couldn’t face another mile of mud and push through 30 mile days when it was necessary to stick to some sort of schedule. Never having to worry about water or food supply, nor a shower as I had a daily return to out-of-the-woods accommodation.

Luckily I was fortunate enough to import two of my own trail angels Andrew & Rudolf to support and shuttle me for the beginning and the end of my journey.
And thanks to the kind offer of a Wisconsin local, Barbara, I always had someone taking me to and from the trail, allowing me to stick to my plan and even finish slightly ahead of schedule allowing me to explore Wisconsin away from the trail for a few extra days.

Thank you to my angels – you are just that – ANGELS.


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