October 15th 2017 – Day 171

Three months on from completing my journey on the Ice Age Trail I returned to Wisconsin for the past week. I flew back into Chicago to embark on another road trip, first heading for Milwaukee for an overnight stay before following my Ice Age Trail roots. Sunday was spent in Door County, starting off with... Continue Reading →


A Thank You in 3 Parts

Part III - The Volunteers The biggest thank you goes to those who look after this trail. Without the numerous volunteers this trail would just not be possible. Whether that is physically looking after the trail by cutting grass, removing fallen trees and ensuring the trail is passable, constructing much needed boardwalks over swamps or... Continue Reading →

A Thank You in 3 Parts

Part II - The Company & Community  The Ice Age Trail is in parts remote and only little used, I went for days without seeing any other hikers - particularly in the northern parts, so it can get pretty lonely out there. While that might be nice for a few days I found this to... Continue Reading →

A Thank You in 3 Parts

Part I - The Angels This journey has certainly been an experience, for me personally an experience made possible only thanks to the people around me. Thanks to my personal trail angels I was able to complete the trail at my own pace, allowing me to leave the trail whenever I wanted or needed. Take... Continue Reading →

June 27th 2017 – Day 60

This. Is. It. Done. Finished. Day 60 - Trail Mile 1131.7 My final day on the Ice Age Trail saw me finishing the Forestville Segment before embarking on my last segment at Sturgeon Bay. The Sturgeon Bay Segment surely packs all of the trail into one neat package, a mix of bike trail, town walking,... Continue Reading →

June 26th 2017 – Day 51 to Day 59

Fields turned into ponds, creeks into rivers and paths into streams, again. Day 51 - Trail Mile 965.8 The first day of relief from the heat, finally a more suitable temperature made for a good start to the day on the Parnell Segment. Apart from a few downed trees I had to manoeuvre across and... Continue Reading →

June 19th 2017 – Day 41 to Day 50

Heat, heat and more heat! Day 41 - Trail Mile 780.4 The trail is turning back into a struggle, but this time it's the heat that's making it hard to keep going, even with little to no weight to carry, other than water supply the soaring temperatures make it unbearable. The day started out where I... Continue Reading →

June 9th 2017 – Day 37 to Day 40

Bike trails, roads and accidental angel-loss Day 37 - Trail Mile 684.8 Finally a day with a simple start, boarding a ferry to cross the Wisconsin River / Lake Wisconsin. A nice breeze, surely the way to start the day of yet more hills to climb. From the other side of the water it was... Continue Reading →

June 5th 2017 – Day 29 to Day 36

Nearly there! Well, halfway and a bit... Day 29 - Trail Mile 549.9 Another day without my angel support I ventured out on my own to hike the connecting route to Bohn Lake and the Bohn Lake Segment. To avoid walking the same route twice I parked at the end of Bohn Lake and walked... Continue Reading →

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