June 9th 2017 – Day 37 to Day 40

Bike trails, roads and accidental angel-loss Day 37 - Trail Mile 684.8 Finally a day with a simple start, boarding a ferry to cross the Wisconsin River / Lake Wisconsin. A nice breeze, surely the way to start the day of yet more hills to climb. From the other side of the water it was... Continue Reading →


June 5th 2017 – Day 29 to Day 36

Nearly there! Well, halfway and a bit... Day 29 - Trail Mile 549.9 Another day without my angel support I ventured out on my own to hike the connecting route to Bohn Lake and the Bohn Lake Segment. To avoid walking the same route twice I parked at the end of Bohn Lake and walked... Continue Reading →

May 28th 2017 – Day 24 to Day 28

Ski Jumps, Heat and Wisconsin's Roads Day 24 - Trail Mile 473.3 Starting on another cool and overcast day on the Ringle Segment. While there were some wet spots, this was nowhere near as bad as it has been over the past few weeks. The Ringle Segment is currently getting a bit of an update... Continue Reading →

May 23rd 2017 – Day 20 to Day 23

Deporting Angels and passing the 45th Parallel Day 20 - Trail Mile 419.7 Pushing through my last day of the northern woods part of the trail with the Lumbercamp and Kettlebowl Segments. Still concerned about the rainfall of the past few days it turned out I didn't have much to worry about. Apart from the... Continue Reading →

May 19th 2017 – Day 14 to Day 19

Thunderstorms, Tornadoes and Teddy-Bears Day 14 - Trail Mile 298.3 Having completely lost the trail the previous day I gave the East Lake Segment another go, a good night's sleep solved the orientation issues, re-hydrated and full of energy I managed to wiggle my way through this muddy segment and up to the top of Moose Mountain... Continue Reading →

May 13th 2017 – Day 8 to Day 13

Porcupine and other prickly situations Day 8 - Trail Mile 159.6 Day 8 saw me continue on this 20 or so mile long connecting route to the Chippewa Moraine Segment. It was a warm and sunny day. Unfortunately apart from a few houses on the lake shore, there wasn't much to see. Although I did... Continue Reading →

May 7th 2017 – Day 4 to Day 7

  And so it continues... Day 4 on the trail - 21.3 miles - total completed: 70.45 The morning of the 4th day on the trail saw me complete the McKenzie Creek Segment, starting off at a logging road, which just looked a mess, I quickly turned into a wooded area following the stream and... Continue Reading →

May 3rd 2017 – Day 1 to Day 3

Finally here! After a 4000 or so mile flight from London to Chicago and a further 400 mile drive to my Wisconsin base-camp, the time has finally come to get started with my Ice Age Trail adventure. Day 1 on the trail - 19.9 miles The first day on the trail started out well, although mostly overcast... Continue Reading →

April 16th 2017 – 14 days to go

Only 2 weeks left until I will be taking my first steps on the Ice Age Trail. Preparations are going well, over the past few weeks I have been walking an average of 20 miles per day, which is a similar distance to what I will have to be doing on the trail. So far only... Continue Reading →

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